This is the land of the red giants.

We provide a home for one of the largest privately owned trophy red deer herds in the South Pacific. Thanks to decades of carefully focused game management the quality of a Cardrona Safaris red stag is unbeatable.

This is how we’ve gained considerable acclaim for producing world class trophies, with stags scoring in excess of 600SCI and 20kg of antler. A trophy this big provides our hunters with a genuine ‘larger than life’ experience – it’s an exceptional time that you’ll never forget.

We take pride in providing eye-catching heads with sizable mass, great width and strong scoring points. We know that the attraction of a trophy is according to individual tastes and therefore have a wide variety of stag to suit all preferences.

Our team will help guide you to your target with the ‘spot and stalk’ style of hunting. The approach is always one of exceeding expectations – be it with the service before and after, the hunting experience and the final trophy.

The south of New Zealand is widely recognised for its incredibly diverse and unique landscapes. Here, the big red stags are hunted in managed areas, and at Cardrona Safaris we ensure this territory is in their natural habitat.

The hunting preserve is in undulating back country, covered in native vegetation. There’s excellent cover and plenty of draws and gullies. This environment delivers all the excitement of hunting in raw, untamed terrain without compromising on accessibility – you can travel in on foot, drive in via 4WD or be flown in.

Get ready to take some of your own as you pursue the greatest antlers in the world.