Aim high

High up in the picturesque Southern Alps lives one of New Zealand’s premier big game trophies. Along with the chamois, the bull tahr is considered the king of the mountains.

Himalayan Tahr were gifted to New Zealand by the Duke of Bedford from Woburn Abbey in England and were released near Mt Cook in 1904 and 1909. With the absence of predators, the Tahr, Chamois and Red Deer flourished. Tahr bulls begin to move into the nanny groups in May and will stay with these groups until the end of August. Tahr hunting can be a very physically challenging experience which takes the hunter high into the pristine valleys of our Southern Alps. However with the right hunting guide, this can become a hugely satisfying and successful challenge, with a magnificent trophy as the ultimate prize. 

Utilising a helicopter to assist with the hunt is the hunter's best choice. Our hunt is conducted in accordance with the ethical standards of SCI and our own saftey regulations are paramount. Clients who choose this option arrive back at the hunting lodge estatic, having absorbed NZ's fabulous scenery from the helicopter as you travel to and from the Tahr territory. They say, without fail, that it is the most exciting hunting experience of their lives. Helicopter access is a good option for those who have an inability to negotiate the steep and rugged Tahr habitat. These animals are confined to the central regions of the Southern Alps and they inhabit some of the most stunning alpine terrain in the  country.