Grace and power

Premier quality Rocky Mountain Bull Elk trophy hunting in New Zealand takes place on private elk hunting ranches and preserves, attracting both local and overseas elk hunters. Cardrona Safaris elk hunting guides offers premium bull Elk hunts on its vast, unspoiled game preserve. The best time of year for bull Elk hunts in New Zealand is March through May. (New Zealand Autumn).

Guided Elk hunting in New Zealand has developed to the point where it now equals the best areas in the U.S.A. for trophy quality animals. Massive Elk Bulls scoring in the high 300's (and the odd 400+) are not uncommon. New Zealand elk hunting outfitters now provide a viable and an economic alternative to the U.S.A. if you are after the biggest Elk Bulls (Wapiti).

Elk (Wapiti) were introduced to New Zealand in 1909. The original animals were a gift from President Roosevelt and were released into Fiordland in the southwestern part of the South Island of New Zealand. The original herd of 20 Elk quickly multiplied and produced outstanding bull elk hunting trophies from the mountainous Southern Alps, in areas of dense temperate rainforest and heavy rainfall.